Sunday, May 21, 2017

Weekly Reflection for Week of 5/15

This week was a lot of Genius Hour trial and error. I decided to make ferrofluid for my project, which is basically a liquid that responds to a magnetic field and has a lot of cool uses, since it is a liquid carrier. I found a few recipes for ferrofluid online, and the easiest one was to soak cassette tape ribbons in acetone to strip the iron from the tapes, and then to add vegetable oil to goop it up a bit. Unfortunately, this absolutely didn’t work. I’m not really sure why this is, since several sources said it would, but tried a different approach, which is to basically add ferric chloride to iron particles, and then add vegetable oil. I left the iron/ferric chloride to dry out, so tomorrow I’ll add vegetable oil to see if I actually made ferrofluid or if I have to try a different (more chemistry heavy) approach to making it. Hopefully this will work so I can start messing around with it this week, but if it doesn’t it’ll still work out since I have enough time to try a few other things.

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