Sunday, April 2, 2017

Weekly Reflection for Week of 3/27

This week we did work on Domains 4.5-4.9. I felt pretty good on all of the work and information this week. The information unit is one that I feel pretty confident in, especially everything with inheritance and genetics that we’ve been doing lately. The fly lab this week was cool since normally we know parental genotypes and have to predict F1 or F2 phenotypes, but this time we were able to work backwards, looking at the F1 phenotypes and trying to guess parental genotypes. It was a cool application of everything we’ve been doing so far. To improve this week I think that I’ll put some time into studying and memorizing terms; I’m struggling with that more than actually doing out any crosses. To do this I’ll probably read the textbook and maybe make some flashcards if everything really isn’t sinking in.

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