Sunday, March 26, 2017

Weekly Reflection for Week of 3/20

I think I did pretty well on the work this week. We’re focusing on the Information Domain, specifically Domain 4.6ish. Genetics and inheritance is something that I remember pretty well from Advanced Bio, so most of what we did this week felt like review and sort of refreshing all of that old knowledge. The packet we did on Chi Square stuff and Mendelian Genetics was a pretty helpful review and felt pretty easy for the most part, which means I understand everything well. I think I’m still a little shaky on the specifics of crossing over, so that’s something I can review more this week. To improve going forward I think I can put a little more time into the homework since over the past week I’ve been rushing through it to finish up work for other classes. If I focus more on the details of everything I think I can be more successful this week.

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