Sunday, February 12, 2017

Weekly Reflection for Week of February 6

I think I did pretty well on the work this week. I felt comfortable with all of the older information on DNA structure and function, as well as replication, transcription, and translation. I think the play-dough activity helped solidify all the details of transcription and translation. Everything to do with mutations and the different types, as well as how they occur and the effect they have, I also understand well. I think over the next week or so I could improve by trying to stay more up to date on the vodcasts, since other than that everything this past week went well. I can do this by keeping track of what I need to get done and planning better when I should do it. As far as content goes, though, I think this week went well.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Weekly Reflection for Week of January 30

This week we started on Domain 4: Information. I think I did well on the work this week. The majority of it was vodcasts and packets, all of which I think I understood and completed well. The beginning of this unit has been nice for me since it feels like a review of bio from freshman year, and I feel like I’m refreshing myself on the knowledge instead of learning something completely new. The argument assignment we had this week also reinforced this knowledge and reiterated how the genetic makeup of families are related, which was good. Everything to do with the structure and function of DNA/RNA I feel really good on, although the details of replication, transcription, and translation are something I need to put a little more time into to fully have down. That’s an area I could definitely improve on in the coming weeks, so that I have a really full understanding of this unit. I think to do this I’ll read the online textbook and maybe rewatch the parts of the vodcast that I was unsure of. Coming out of this week I’m feeling pretty solid though and am looking forward to continuing with this unit.